Show To Clients is the single largest platform to host, share and present professional presentations. This helps education institutes (universities, collages), individuals, various skill developing agencies(NSDC),MSMEs, investors & companies to reach their respective target-audience by cutting the clutter of various non-business video/presentations. People will visit Show To Clients only for professional presentations and they will be able to see anything that education institutes (universities, collages), individuals, various skill developing agencies(NSDC),MSMEs, investors & companies has to present.

The basic concept behind Show To Clients is to keep presentations collected at one single place enabling people around the globe to share their interest and facilitate them in having a feel of different genres of presentations. A true global platform, Show To Clients works as a hub of like-minded people. We will play a perfect bridge between presentations and target-audience. We welcome all your suggestions & inputs to take this platform to greater heights. For your suggestions & participations, please reach to stc@showtoclients.com

Site Updates
This section will keep you updated what is being done in background to make this platform more useful

1. Introducing Topics: Now engage larger number of audience on interesting topics.

Introducing “Topics” , the newest addition to STC , now you can upload your professional presentation for interesting topics like Life, AI, Business, Motivation and so on. The purpose of the “topics” is to give access to larger audience who wants to create professional content but doesn’t fall in real “Business” or “ organisation entity”. Now even the individuals may upload their professional videos, PPT or flash presentation on STC and engage more number of people out there. The feature “ Topics” is in beta state and you will see many changes here & there during next few days until it finds it’s place. Community suggestion is always welcome so if you find any problem or have suggestion just shoot to stc@showtoclients.com

Upload business video & professional presentation only. Acceptable formats are video formats, PPT, swf. ShowToClients does not accept poorly designed videos or presentations. Please do not submit video or presentation related to a. Entertainment b. Film or music c. Personal or family videos d. Any video or presentation which is not professional in nature and not related to business domain. Read more for Criteria