Agencies around the world brainstorm and work hard to prepare pitches,

presentations and videos for their clients but they don't have one single place where they can host their whole body of work making simpler for people around the world to come and experience their creativity.


  1. Showcase your entire body of work on a single channel
  2. Present to seriously interested companies and brands
  3. Send all the links of work/sample from one platform only
  4. An effective Lead-capturing Tool
  5. Unified Marketing Services
  6. Your very own Pitching Platform

Show To Clients has come up with the solution providing with the platform for agencies to host and stock up

all their creative presentations, videos and work so that other companies and prospective clients can see their work and approach them for business.

Show To Clients agency-channels have Lead Generating Buttons where a visitor can approach you by clicking "Create Presentation like this".

This feature lets you get the Interest directly in your Inbox and LMS, from where you can reach the interested party for the new business.

Not only this, you can also send your sample-work to clients

through Show To Clients where you just need to check-mark the work you want to share in your pre-defined Performa and click on Send. Within minutes, you would be able to send all the relevant links to anyone, anywhere. In fact, Show To Clients is your own Pitching Platform.