• Drishyam VFX
  • It comes as no surprise when the man behind more than 40 feature films and more than 150 tvcs, right from being a VFX artist to being a VFX supervisor was inspired by none other than the all consuming Spielberg and his Jurassic Park. When the calling is right, the ways follow if the intent is set. Sandeep believes in reading the script in its entirety to decide the work on the project. VFX is not for salvaging a film and in the same breath , just because a film is vfx heavy , he does not believe in taking that up if the script does not excite him. Never to let go of the novelty in learning something new and diving into it with zest, zeal and the invigorating spirit to learn and deliver,finally led him to receive the prestigious National Awa...
  • www.drishyamvfx.com

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