Quality Standards of presentations

We, at Show To Clients, try to collect & promote presentations which are professional in nature. These presentations must follow our terms & standards given on this page. Our quality-team keeps a strict check for these norms. Please read the following carefully while uploading the presentations! Our quality-team may reject the presentation if following criteria are not matched. Please note that the Show To Clients-platform reserves all the rights to approve or reject content uploaded on the platform in the interest of a serious business-promotion.

1. Show To Clients accepts only professional presentations from any field/industry, except few restricted industries.

2. The presentation must be designed properly with the appropriate content enabling an easy understanding for the viewers of Show To Clients. Poorly designed presentations shall be rejected.

3. Presentations which are not compatible with our platform shall not be approved. Avoid fancy fonts, less used formats and poor images in presentations.

4. All ingredients like content, voice, music, images, videos etc. should be of high quality. Any poor-quality media will be marked as "poor quality" and will be removed from the presentation.

5. Keep your presentation as per duration/slides suggested at the Upload Presentation page.

The list of parameters above may change time-to-time. Please keep yourself updated by visiting the page regularly. Any change in presentation-criteria may impact the old presentations hosted on the platform as well.