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Dreams ingrain a definite essence and worth in our lives and when we are sure what we are doing with confidence, conviction and crackling dynamism, an enterprise like Re-tax Electricals Pvt. Ltd. is erected. Manufacturing of fast-moving electrical goods started nearly two and half decades ago has blossomed into a booming and burgeoning business riding on the quality of the products and trust and esteem of the clients. Today, Re-tax Electricals Pvt. Ltd., having 3 manufacturing units in Delhi, replete with adequate state-of-the-art machinery and requisite amenities, possesses a thriving nationwide market. With a pan-Indian distribution-network comprising more than 200 distributors, our modular switches, wires, MCBs, LED Lighting and the entire range of electrical accessories enjoy a robust presence across different parts of the country. We provide the collection of electrical solutions under the registered brand, namely Roman which is not only a regular buzz in the Indian electrical industrial corridors, but has an international market also with a good industrial space in Bangladesh. Using technological skills to the maximum, backed up by a deep-rooted commitment to progress, every sort of electrical item under the brand Roman, is illustrative of the supreme utility and reliability. Keeping aware of changing times and technologies and thanks to a deep innovational drive in the system, today Roman signifies perfect designing, development and manufacturing of an array of electrical accessories exemplifying precision in true sense. That’s why Roman Modular Switches, Wires, MCBs and LED Lighting have already stamped authority with a house-hold spread across the country spelling quality, suitability and dependability. A proper quality-management mechanism ensures that the company meets various contractual, statutory and regulatory quality-requisites across diverse manufacturing-stages of different specific products. A large team of skilled and experienced professionals in electrical stream works in tandem with our associates spread across India constantly striving to develop products that suit our clients’ respective needs. A swift and timely delivery of the products to the clients is another forte of ours. Regularly identifying the challenges and keeping in line with the evolving technologies, Re-tax Electricals Pvt. Ltd. has been incessantly providing efficient electrical tools and devices with a definite customer-oriented approach for a good period of time now. Over the years, on the base of our contribution with an unflinching resolve, we have Roman ensconced in the higher echelons of the industry on a nationwide extent. And we have not stopped, pursuit of excellence still remains an integral asset for us.

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