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A brand embodies the distinctiveness of an entity. A brand is a compact identity of something. And if a brand is a compact identity of something, a label represents that identity. Labels in different forms grab quickly the attention of people at large and help them identify the merchandise of their choice. A tag, sticker or different types of labels stand for the total individuality of a product or company. More so, when we talk of the apparel or textile industry which is why it can be easily said that KRF Ltd., previously known as Kailash Ribbon Factory Ltd. has been providing various companies in the apparel industry with their uniqueness and establishing their character in the market.

Continually growing with exactness and adapting to the gradual changes in the characteristics of clothes and garments of successive generations, KRF Ltd. has been producing labels and accessories in a vast variety for a good period of time now. Textile industry is a dynamic arena, but when it comes down to showing ownership on stuff, KRF Ltd. has been the first choice for one and all. A complete understanding of the core of demands of clients has been instrumental in making us a nonpareil national brand in the labelling industry. A client-centric approach and unflinching resolve have played the pivotal part in our success-story as well.

With the main office in Delhi and 8 state-of-the-art factories dispensing different specific functions and complementing each other, seven in Delhi and one in Gurgaon respectively, KRF Ltd. excels in designing, developing and manufacturing of woven labels, printed labels, hangtags and different other label-types and supplementary products. And we are also geared up to set up and run a one-stop-resource factory, with all the requisite facilities, in Bheri, Sonepat, sooner than later. Expansion and diversification have been our inherent policies.

Also, qualityis one aspect which has been paramount in our scheme of things, right from the inception. Using natural fabrics and completely keeping away from using prohibited chemicals in varied processes have given a subtle quality and an ethical base to our products for sure. All our products go through the mandatory quality and safety-tests in their different phases of making and are duly certified by the organizations of repute. Woven Labels, Printed Labels, Tapes and Buttons bear Oekotex Class1-certifications. Hangtags are FSC-certified. Our factories are ISO 9001: 2008-certified and compliant with requisite regulations and are audited by 3rd-parties like Mango, C&A, TESCO, TCP, Wal-Mart etc. Summarily, we are second to none in terms of quality.

We pride on a huge portfolio of products covering the entire spectrum of apparel industry. Our WOVEN LABELS convey the specifics of a company with an inescapable traction. Our PRINTED LABELS Capture The Real Trends Of Times. HANGTAGS Present The Spirit Of A Company In Style. Our BARCODES AND STICKERS, Apart From Being Chic In Appearance, Carry A Story With Them.

EMBROIDERY PATCHES carry the full impression of the real manufacturers on the materials. If TAPES are elegant and strong, POLYESTER BUTTONS are well-designed and pleasing to eyes. STRING LOCKS are classy and trendy. HEAT TRANSFERS are not only carved on shirts and t-shirts, they are carved indelibly in the minds of customers. Our POLYBAGS AND HANGERS have a definite appeal in addition to their utility. Our CORDS & WEBBINGS instantly grasp the attention of customers and trigger an interest in them. PVC Boxes crafted by us not only provide safety to your materials, but we design them in the manner which facilitates your customers to have a good look on those materials inside them. Furthermore, our massive in-house technological capability and agility enables us to have the CAPACITY to produce as much as 4 million labels in a day. Customized offering as per the needs of clients is another forte of ours.

Time-bound delivery of orders is deep-rooted in our system. A team comprising skilled workers, craftsmen, designers, quality-supervisors and professionals from various fields, is in fact a large repository of collective acumen for us. They all possess domain-expertise and over-all in-depth industry-experience and continuously work for client-satisfaction which is why we enjoy an overbearing and striking list of clients like Disney, Levi's, Adidas, Lee, Zara,Wrangler, Marks & Spencer, Carrefour, TESCO, VanHeusen etc.

All-in-all, KRF Ltd's journey has been replete with thriving business, client-respect and different quality-certifications. Different accolades have come on the way and further strengthened our conviction, but for us, pulsating presence across India's apparel industry and high opinion of our clients are the real accolades. Success and glory have always been in the grasp of KRF Ltd.

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