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Khandelwal Fibres Presentation
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The Khandelwal Fibres Pvt. Ltd. “Nurturing Architectural Excellence” The Khandelwal Fibres Pvt. Ltd. is a growing organization engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing of composite products such as GRP / FRP & GRC / GFRC. We strongly focus on the value created by our products and relationship with our customers. The vision of the company is to be the best in terms of quality, customer satisfaction, growth and diversification. Recent years have seen Khandelwal Fibres Pvt. Ltd. KFPL grow from strength to strength in Indian Reinforced Composite Product Industry. With a range of Architectural solutions under its brand, Indoor Design Outdoor Design IDOD, The KFPL has raised the benchmarks every day in designing, developing, manufacturing and installation of various customized Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer-FRP/GRP Architectural Products. Innovation and Expertise form the bedrock of the company which gets fully reflected in Resin-Strengthened Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer-FRP/GRP or Composite Products. Today every Composite Product prepared at KFPL bears quality, fineness and precision. It has identified the End-Result of FRP/GRP Technique and regularly used it through its Expertise. Our Specialty :- SIP (Self installation procedure) CAP(Customization of any product) FRP/GFRP Products :- Glassfibre Reinforced Polymer Features :- Long life Light weight Maintenance free Weather resistant Easy and fast installation

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