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CNS Managed Services Presentation
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Computer Network Systems (CNS) is a leading Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Banking Solutions and Systems Integrator and Managed Services provider operating in the UAE, with offices in the Sultanate of Oman and Kuwait. CNS has developed and enhanced its operations more in the last few years than at any other time in our history. We are consistently breaking new ground with a dynamic and progressive approaches to ICT, defining how effectively it can be deployed and managed. CNS is recognized as a trusted, innovative and enterprising partner, offering Latest Innovations to Banks and Organisations in the region. Over thirthy (30) years of experience in the UAE confirms we have what it takes to thrive in a booming and demanding economy where ICT and Banking Solutions is an increasingly critical component. CNS has strong customer base with some customers relying on our solutions and services for extended periods.Some of our customer have stayed with us for 12 years and are continuing to see the end to end value CNS provides to their business outcomes. Over the years, CNS has wisely selected leading OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) for ICT and Banking Solutions who are best-in-class specialists in their field. By using its structured DREAM methodology (Define, Review, Engineer, Accelerate, Manage), CNS has created an organisation that can simplify end-to-end enterprises’ ICT needs, from the design and implementation phase to managing the technologies throughout their life-span. Partnering with CNS ensures a long an fruitful business relationship for sustained periods.

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