UK Couples Are Seeking IVF Treatment Abroad And They Choose Cyprus

UK Couples Are Seeking IVF Treatment Abroad And They Choose Cyprus
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Why Do UK Couples Seeking IVF Treatment abroad travel to North Cyprus?  To date, more than two million children are born via IVF, and it has become a recognized medical procedure globally.  It is considered as a safe, efficient, relatively affordable and readily accessible method.  In vitro fertilization or IVF captured public attention since it was introduced in 1978.  It is also known as Assisted Reproductive Technology or ART which is available in most civilized countries worldwide.  It took almost three decades before IVF gain full acceptance.  Declining birth rate is one of the major concerns of the UK and other European countries.  As a matter of fact, other developed nations also encounter this similar problem.  The UK tends to have a lower fertility rate because of lifestyle choices.  Others enter the workforce to earn and save and delay any marriage plans.  This scenario had led many UK couples to seek for fertility treatment in the country and abroad.  Studies have shown that a considerable number of couples in the UK seek treatment abroad because of affordability and lesser waiting time.  UK couples prefer Spain for fertility treatment, but a significant number of couples opted to travel to a not so popular destination like North Cyprus for IVF Treatment abroad.  Why the UK have Lower Fertility Rate?  The United Kingdom has a lower fertility rate because of lifestyle choices, as mentioned above.  Birth control methods are easily accessible, so unwanted pregnancy is prevented.  In developed countries like the UK, children are equated with economic drain because of higher education cost, housing expenses and other costs that are associated with bringing up children.  Younger adults seek higher education and a better professional career. This simply means that women prefer to have children later in life. This cycle results in a demographic and economic paradox.  Fertility rates are already low or falling which drives rapid population ageing in most countries of the world.  48% of people live in countries where the TFR or Total Fertility Rate is below average which is around 2.1 births per woman for the year 2005 to 2010.  In Europe, the TFR is 1.5 births per woman and around 1.4 births per woman in Japan.  This is considered a very low fertility rate that may lead to population ageing and rapid population decline.  For example, in the Southern European population, the median age is projected to reach 50 years by 2040 as compared with the median age of 41 in 2010 and 27 in 1950. Last 2013, the government in almost 102 countries reported a rapid decline in population.  Hence fertility and ageing is now a primary concern in developed countries. 54 countries have already enacted to raise the fertility.  Read full content here:

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