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All of us have the intrinsic propensity to have ambitions, but only some of us have this stirring zeal and sheer diligence to transform ambitions into achievements. And we, at Euro Automotive, know this better than anyone else. Euro Automotive is a well-known trading house today which appeared on the industrial horizon of the country in the year 1998 with the simple vision to explore the demands of Indian automobile parts and products in global spare-parts-markets. Keeping evolution with the times in the core of our working, we have grown into a true global trading company involved in the export of parts and components of 3-wheelers, motorcycles, mopeds & bicycles. With the main office ensconced in Kundli, an industrial hub of Haryana and easily connected with the primes of the national capital, Euro Automotive, plays a perfect bridge between the manufacturers, OEMs and Indian Aftermarket of 3-wheelers, motorcycles, mopeds & bicycles and wholesalers of their spare-parts in different countries world-over. Believing that the real customers of the company are the final buyers of these automotive components traded through its channel, we, with our clear planning, goal-oriented approach and sincere compliance of the quality-norms of international standards, have always surged ahead in terms of revenue and recognition in the last 2 decades. Over the years, we, with our suppliers, have developed a flowing and trouble-free procurement-network which empowers us to source any product, which falls in our ambit, in a certain time-frame and with the utmost ease. We export an expansive collection of products to our global wholesalers. Supremely qualitative 3-wheeler parts like Engine Valves, Shock Absorbers, Silencers and many more with different accessories, which are dimensionally perfect, reliable and durable, are hallmarks of our trade. Our motorcycle-parts like Clutch and Brake Lever Assemblies, Front & Side Panels, Leg Guard Assemblies, Side Mirrors, Wheel Rims etc. illustrate the current trends of the global markets. Moped Cables, Clutch Plates, Brake Shoes and other prominent moped-parts, with Bicycle Pedals, Handlebars, Stems, Seat-posts, Wheels, Frames etc. complete our moped & bicycle-inventory. Growing from strength to strength, we, as a premium automotive component-exporter from India, have got several top-class Indian manufacturing brands supplying varied automotive parts for us. Having a clear business-relation with our associates, Indian suppliers and global wholesalers, has been our priority. We have secured a conspicuous presence and robust business by exporting different 3-wheeler-motorcycle-moped-bicycle-parts to wholesalers in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia and Venezuela, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Senegal and other countries. We have inculcated a culture at our place which always has given to us a team of competent workers and experienced professionals with an undaunted resolve, ensuring our substantial contribution to the country’s automotive-export right from the inception. We keep on trying to understand the demands of the final buyers of the products in the global automotive aftermarket which is why our hunt for excellence still continues as we constantly move up in the standing and status. Our commitment to quality is matchless. Before trading any automotive part through our network, we make sure that it meets various contractual, statutory and regulatory requirements. We have a dedicated team for the quality-control which is based on the technical specifications of OEMs. We have a facility-filled Sample Room which has more than 5000 samples of different models of 3-wheelers & motorcycles and thus, our team inspects all the parts and products against the original samples. Packaging of products is integral in our export-mechanism. This is done on Automatic Feeding Machines to avoid duplication of products. The Online Sealing System ensures moisture-free packaging which is so very important for export. Individual or specific Labelling on each product-package done by us simplifies its identification. Final Master Boxes are wrapped by Automatic Wrapping Machines to ensure safe transit during shipment. Over the last decade, the Indian automotive components industry has scaled 3 times to $39 billion in 2015-16 while exports have grown even faster to $10.8 billion. By all estimates, exports are going to grow in coming years and Euro Automotive, always believing in the feasibility of its dreams, yearns to play a big part in this imminent growth.

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