ISPI Annual Conference 2018

ISPI Annual Conference 2018
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In this session, we will take a look at some true examples of data visualization, talk about how facilitators can use data in the classroom to create meaningful experiences, and brainstorm ways these strategies might work for your organization. 1. Using Data Visualization in the Moment of Need Miranda Lee Senior Instructional Designer 3. Make swift decisions in the classroom to improve the experience for the participants. Adaptive Learning 5. Sentiment Analysis • Feelings • Attitudes • Emotions • Opinions • Subjective impressions 6. Sentiment Analysis: Organizational Perspective • Emotional AI = window into an org’s culture Catalysts Engagers Responders Broadcasters Observers 7. Sentiment Analysis: Training Perspective • Facilitators do this inherently with or without technology! • Kirkpatrick’s Level 1: Reaction

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