Team Power International Corporate Profile

Team Power International Corporate Profile
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Team Power International Corporate Profile covers TPI Management consulting and training services offering. Started as a management training service provider 33 years ago, Team Power (UK) Ltd. conducted interactive public and in-house management training programs and workshops (in English and Arabic) for senior executives, middle managers and other categories of professionals in both private and public sectors. To support the increasing customer demands for strategic and performance management consulting especially in the Government sector, the firm moved to Dubai and established Team Power International (TPI) in 2000 as a management consulting and professional training company. Since then, TPI has worked with most of the government organizations in Dubai and many federal ministries and Abu Dhabi organizations. TPI Corporate Profile 3. About Us Team Power International (TPI) is a team-based, knowledge driven management consulting firm. TPI has been providing strategic and performance management consulting and training services for more than 20 years for most of the government organizations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE federal ministries, as well as a large number of organizations in the private sector. Our primary services include the following key areas: Human Resources & Talent Management Training & Qualification Leadership Development Business Excellence Stakeholders Relations & Customer Service Excellence Transformation & Change Strategy & Planning Corporate Performance & BSC Sustainable Innovation Corporate Scores (Surveys, Audit, and Assessments)

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