Ayurvedic Doctor Shares 5 Herbs You Should Start Consuming Daily

Ayurvedic Doctor Shares 5 Herbs You Should Start Consuming Daily
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Those living in Delhi and surrounding areas are living under the terrible burden of the toxic air enveloping their lungs as well as day-to-day life in general. The air quality index calls it hazardous, with some apps even calling it the worst we have ever seen - an ‘apocalypse’ of sorts. So what do we do, apart from panicking? Apart from limiting your exposure to the hazardous outdoor air and installing home air purifiers, there are some Ayurveda backed ways that you can prepare your body to fight air pollution hazards. Amla Tulsi Giloy Aloe Vera Turmeric A mixture of two potent herbs, a shot of this combination drink in the morning would help neutralize the harmful effects of the smog that is weighing you down.

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05 Nov, 2019
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