Premium presentations are boosted presentations which reach to more audience than the average presentations uploaded on Show to Clients. Following are some of the features of Premium Presentations:

1. Special highlighting on rotational basis on the Home Page

2. Highlighting through special Premium-icon

3. Top-listing in all the relevant categories

4. Full-page presentation-view

5. No Ads or links on Premium Presentations

6. Call-of-the-action Button

7. Facility of uploading images of products or services

8. LMS (Lead Management software)-connectivity.

You can check here, how a Premium page looks like. Please contact at premium@showtocliets.com for activating this feature!

Upload business video & professional presentation only. Acceptable formats are video formats, PPT, swf. ShowToClients does not accept poorly designed videos or presentations. Please do not submit video or presentation related to a. Entertainment b. Film or music c. Personal or family videos d. Any video or presentation which is not professional in nature and not related to business domain. Read more for Criteria