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Bankia’s mission, vision and values make the Bank recognisable and generate strong, stable relationships of trust, which are indispensable for its own business and for its stakeholders. The aim is to develop a better, more reliable form of banking, respecting the Bank’s own values and focusing on its stakeholders, which for Bankia are a stimulus to review and continually improve its products, services and processes. Mission Mission To provide an efficient, high quality service to our customers. To reward our shareholders competitively. To make a positive contribution to the public finances. To provide our employees with opportunities for professional development. To contribute to improving the market’s assessment and perception of the financial system. Vision Vision We take a principle-based approach in order to provide you with the best banking service. Values Values Professionalism. We contribute knowledge, experience and rigour. We know our business well, we have good judgment and we are capable of meeting challenges swiftly and independently, showing confidence in our project. We live up to our responsibilities. Integrity. Proud of our behaviour. Our actions are based on mutual respect and transparency; we go beyond merely following the rules. We are consistent in what we say and do. Commitment. With our heart in Bankia. We are emotionally invested in our project; we identify with it and are fully involved. We are demanding of ourselves, we are not content with “good enough”, we aim for more than a job well done. Closeness. We build environments of trust. We maintain a sincere, ongoing dialogue with our stakeholders, so as to get to know them and be able to anticipate their needs. We are a close, accessible company. Focus on Achievement. We insist on achieving goals. We set ourselves ambitious goals, focused on creating sustainable economic value for all stakeholders. We turn ideas into results.

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