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Vonovia introduces itself We are Germany's leading real estate company. Vonovia is the first housing company in Germany to be included in the DAX-30 Index. For us, being a leader means not only that around 350,000 apartments in all attractive cities and regions throughout Germany are part of our company. Being a market leader is inextricably linked to responsibility - responsibility for the approximately one million people who are at home with us. Vonovia is the result of the merger of Deutsche Annington and GAGFAH.Both companies have their roots in non-profit housing construction. We think of that by offering our tenants good and affordable living space. In the neighborhoods, we do not just act as landlords. Rather, we see ourselves as a service provider that offers its tenants a customer-oriented service around living. For this reason, customer satisfaction is an important concern to us. Since 2012, we conduct a customer satisfaction survey once a quarter. Further information can be found in our annual report . An important factor for customer satisfactionare our object caretakers and object caretakers. They are helpful contact persons in the settlements and take care of the different concerns of our customers. They are in action every day in "their" district. We not only want to be close to the customer, but also close to our stocks. Small and large craft services - from the replacement of a washbasin to the renovation of a multi-family house - we provide promptly and from a single source! Our own craftsmen organization, the Technical Service of Vonovia, provides for the manual work . In addition to maintenance and minor repairs, our craftsmen also perform, for example, energy-efficient modernization and the senior-friendly conversion of our real estate inventories. Quick links Board of Vonovia Supervisory Board of Vonovia History of Vonovia The Annual Report 2016 of Vonovia history We are contact persons and service providers for our customers. Our property supervisors on site and the own craftsmen organization, the technical service of Vonovia, ensure that the concerns of our tenants are dealt with in a timely, uncomplicated and reliable manner. This is an important element in ensuring that our customers feel well looked after in their living environment. Because the satisfaction of our tenants is at the center of our actions. Living well also means living up to date, Investments in the energetic renovation of our residential complexes are therefore a current concern for us, which is already on the way. We want our tenants to benefit from the advantages of energetically refurbished living spaces. In addition, we are responding to the growing demand for age-appropriate housing by rebuilding a large number of homes accordingly. For Vonovia the responsibility as a landlord does not end at the front door. Vonovia takes responsibility for entire residential areas. In other words, we invest in good neighborhoods, the coexistence of people from different cultures and climate protection. Together with our social projects, residential and liveable quarters are created in this way.

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