Introducing Honeywell HPM Series Particle Sensors

Introducing Honeywell HPM Series Particle Sensors
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Is air quality monitoring a challenge? The new Honeywell’s HPM Series Particle Sensor is here to help. The Honeywell HPM Series Particle Sensor is a laser-based sensor which uses the light scattering method to detect and count particles in the concentration range of 0 μg/m3 to 1,000 μg/m3 in a given environment. A laser light source illuminates a particle as it is pulled through the detection chamber. As particles pass through the laser beam, the light source becomes obscured and is recorded on the photo or light detector. The light is then analyzed and converted to an electrical signal providing particulate size and quantity to calculate concentrations in real time. The Honeywell particle sensor provides information on the particle concentration for given particle concentration range. Value to Customers •Enables the ability to more accurately and cost-effectively monitor or control environmental particulate contaminates •Industry-leading long life of 20,000 hours of continuous use essentially equates to seven years of product life (based on eight hours of operation per day) •Proven EMC performance enables the ability to perform more accurately in a variety of tough industrial environments •Enhanced reliability allows for use in harsh environments Differentiation •Industry-leading long life of 20,000 hours provides stable operation and continuous use •Proven EMC performance, based on IEC61000 stable operation, ±15% accuracy. Learn more at

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