10 Year Old Samaira Mehta Runs A Company

10 Year Old Samaira Mehta Runs A Company
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At 10 years old, most of us were still living the life in school, enjoying playing with our friends and probably watching way too much TV. For Samaira Mehta though, the story is a little different. Instead of taking over the playground, she's taking Silicon Valley by storm. According to Business Insider, little Samaira has garnered an "almost cult-like following" in the technology capital of the US, all thanks to her prowess as a programmer. She first began garnering attention at just eight years old, when she built a game called CoderBunnyz. Now she's the founder of her own company (with the same name), and regularly speaks at conferences across Silicon Valley. The CoderBunnyz game wasn't just a fluke either. Samaira had a vision, to help other eight-year-olds learn to code like her. At the time, she already had two years of programming under her belt. Her father Rakesh, an Intel engineer and former employee of Sun Microsystems, also helped her develop a successful marketing strategy for the game. Given his own career, it's no wonder Samaira developed an early love for code. Apparently CodeBunnnyz was so successful that she launched a sequel soon after, teaching kids to code for artificial intelligence, called CoderMindz. It's a board game that teaches AI concepts, the first of its kind. Since then, she's held dozens of workshops to teach kids using the platform, including a number of them at Google's headquarters in Silicon Valley. She's even received recognition from the White House itself. In fact, the 10-year-old might already have jobs lined up for her future. According to the report, she's been approached by a Google executive to join the company's fold in the future, and even other bigwigs like Microsoft have their eyes on her. Samaira for her part hasn't made a decision yet, which of course she has years to do. But she does have to worry about competition catching up to her from at least one source; right inside her home. At six years old, the piece says her brother Aadit helped Samaira in the development of CoderMindz, and he's the same age as she was when she began coding. That might just be too much talent coming out of a single family, but hopefully the brother and sister can go on to do great things for the world of tech.

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