Coimbatore Inventor Claims His Distilled Water Powered Engine Can Run Cars

Coimbatore Inventor Claims His Distilled Water Powered Engine Can Run Cars
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COIMBATORE: An engine that runs on distilled water and even rain water? Stuff of dreams, you say. No, insists a city-based mechanical engineer. Sounthirarajan Kumarasamy claims his engine will break down water and be propelled by hydrogen. And emissions, how about oxygen for a change! His prototype, he claims, can be used in all vehicles from two-wheelers to trucks. Sounthirarajan says the Indian government granted him a patent in November 2018 for his Super Sonic Hydrogen IC Engine, which he says he will debut in Japan. The class XI dropout from Kangayam in Tirupur did the research for his project at the District Central Library in Coimbatore. "During the initial years, I used my old defunct jeep to learn about the hardware," said Sounthirarajan, who hails from a farming community. "Utilising the thermal losses in the engine, hydrogen could be burned that helps vehicle run. I have currently designed the engine with the capacity of 100cc, which could emit oxygen while it's running. All the tests were successful," he told Express. Sounthirarajan established his company in 2010 and says he has opened a branch in Tokyo a few months ago. He also runs an incubator cell at the PSG-Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Park (PSG-STEP), Coimbatore. He has been 'working on designing this machine' for the past ten years. He said, "With my invention, you can run your vehicle for 200 km with just 10 litres of distilled water. We had even tried running the engine with rainwater and it bore fruit." Sounthirarajan now plans to organise an international summit in Kyoto soon to showcase his work to potential buyers from across the world. He says that his engine could be sold for Rs 1.5 lakh for a four-wheeler. If it's a two-wheeler, then he says the price will be around Rs 65,000. His colleagues Prakash, Sathish, and Chandrasekar assisted him.


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