Ezdan Holding Group Presentation

Ezdan Holding Group Presentation
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The strides of Ezdan Holding Group over the last five decades have reflected the image of the State of Qatar in its development as the company was transformed from an individual to a shareholding company. The roots of Ezdan Holding Group date back to 1960, when it was founded as a private company under the name of Thani Bin Abdullah Housing Group. In early 2007, after undergoing several stages, it was transformed to Ezdan Real Estate Company, which became a public joint stock company during the same year. The company played a vital and paramount role in the State of Qatar by achieving diverse accomplishments, among which the preparations for the Asian Games ‘Asiad’ in 2006, by building residential complexes to serve the major sporting event, and contributing to the success of other sports events in addition to sponsoring and supporting them as for the case of Arab Games 2011. Ezdan Holding Group has acquired a high position thanks to its rich experiences in different sectors. Ezdan Holding Group is appreciated highly at local and international levels, which is manifested by the numerous Awards it received for it significant accomplishments regarding real estate activities. Ezdan Holding Group is considered among the leading businesses in the area with $7.3 billion in addition to ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award received by Founder of the Group for the vital role he played for community service. “Ernst & Young” institution has noted:” the institution is proud to present to His Excellency Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Al Thani the ‘Life Achievement Award’ for his contribution to the development of the real estate sector and the economy of the State of Qatar over the years.” Many experts believe that Ezdan Holding Group has contributed to the reduction of the inflation rate in the State of Qatar through the provision of a large number of residential units at low prices implemented in the State of Qatar

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