If You Do These Five Things On Facebook You Might Be Depressed

If You Do These Five Things On Facebook You Might Be Depressed
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f so, you are more likely to have major depressive disorder, a study of 504 millennials has found (MDD is an American term for depression). Heavy use of social media has been linked to anxiety and depression in a series of studies, and the academics behind the new study suggest there are ways to limit the harmful effects of services such as Facebook. The new study pinpoints five specific behaviours which are seen individuals who meet the criteria for depression. You score highly on the Social Media Addiction scale (ie you spend a lot of time thinking about social media and feel urges to use it). You compare yourself to other people who are ‘doing better than you’ on social media .You are bothered when people tag you in unflattering picture. You don’t often post pictures of yourself with other people. You don’t have many followers. Dr. Krista Howard, of Texas State University said, ‘While this study highlights social media behaviors that are associated with major depression, it is important to recognize that social media use can offer many positive benefits, including fostering social support. Dr Howard says that people who feel at risk can change their behaviour on social media to reduce distress.

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