Kia Design Simplicity Eccentricity Practicality And Emotions

Kia Design Simplicity Eccentricity Practicality And Emotions
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They say the design has a lasting impression on an individual, and this is every bit true when it comes to Kia Design. Kia is one of the few carmakers in the world that has integrated design and engineering in its cars so synchronously that, Kia cars are not only stylish and instantly recognisable to look at, but are also practical and evocative.Kia is the fastest OEM to win more than 70 design awards, yes, more than 70 awards A good product design plays an important role in building a strong brand. This is where Kia takes a lead with its stunning design ideologies for cars with a visually impactful, memorable and emotional connection.. Kia’s beautiful design journey started with finding the spirit of each model and develop traits that accentuated it visually. The simplicity of a straight line is one of the core fundamentals that underpin Kia's design philosophy. Combined with the characteristic tiger-nose grille and safe and comfortable cabin, the Kia cars offer so much more than simple satisfaction. Kia’s disposition of reliable and yet desirable cars can only be achieved if design and engineering go hand in hand when developing cars for all seasons, and all people.


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