NASA Has Officially Attached A Helicopter To The Mars 2020 Rover

NASA Has Officially Attached A Helicopter To The Mars 2020 Rover
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02 Sep, 2019 Uploaded by: ashi digital
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NASA never ceases to impress the world with the crazy scientific advancements it makes and considering they just got their biggest boost in funding in the recent years it doesn't really come as a surprise. The agency has just announced it has attached a mini helicopter to the Mars rover that's set for the Mars 2020 mission. As if another space mission to Mars wasn’t bold enough, NASA has plans to send up the first off-earth helicopter to Mars. The Mars 2020 mission, taking place in July of that year, is a mission to put a rover in the Jezero crater on Mars by 18 February 2021. The crater is have thought to have once have been flooded with water and may show signs of since-dead lifeforms. The Mars Helicopter will be a mini vehicle that will house no scientific devices whatsoever apart from a few cameras. The purpose of the helicopter is to test whether future helicopters with more scientific capabilities would survive within the Martian atmosphere.


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