Valeria Pettorino On Learning About Dark Energy With The Euclid Satellite

Valeria Pettorino On Learning About Dark Energy With The Euclid Satellite
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She has approached cosmology in the same spirit, using storytelling from multiple angles as a guiding principle. After earning her Ph.D. in 2005, she traveled the world, hopping between institutions in Heidelberg, New York, Geneva and Valencia, as well as Naples, Turin and Trieste in her native Italy, alternating between observational, theoretical, methodological and statistical points of view in her study of the cosmos — a dark wood, rather like Dante’s. She considers all of these approaches necessary for unraveling the nature of dark matter and dark energy, little-understood substances that together comprise 95 percent of the universe. It is perhaps not surprising that in 2016 Pettorino landed at the CosmoStat laboratory at CEA Saclay, a research institute 15 miles south of Paris. At CosmoStat, cosmologists and computer scientists collaborate to develop new statistical and signal-processing methods for interpreting the vast volumes of data acquired by modern telescopes. This summer, Pettorino helped complete the final analysis of data from the European Space Agency’s Planck space telescope, which mapped the early universe with unprecedented precision. Her main focus now is Euclid, the agency’s next major space telescope, set to launch in 2022. Euclid will gather 170 million gigabytes of data about billions of galaxies, slicing the universe at different epochs and tracking its evolution under dark influences.


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