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Sidhi Infotech
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Established in 2007, we are an IT consulting and staffing services company. At Sidhi Infotech, we use our insight, knowledge and global resources to make exceptional connections every day. we are positioned perfectly to deliver the industry’s top talent to each of our clients. Clients choose Sidhi Infotech as their workforce partner to solve staffing challenges that range from locating hard-to-find niche talent to completing quick-fill demands.At Sidhi infotech, we develop, implement and manage technology solutions that answer today’s critical business challenges.We’re passionate about helping our clients achieve their business and technology goals, while making their lives easier. We strive to bring clarity to complexity, improve operations, enable cost reductions, increase customer satisfaction, and accelerate growth.We accomplish this through deep expertise and innovative applications, tailored to our clients’ needs; as well as a flexible, open and honest approach with our clients.

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