Healthcare Of Tomorrow

Healthcare Of Tomorrow
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Healthcare is changing the way care is being delivered to patients. It is shifting towards a value-based care, which is a whole new patient-centric approach, transforming the existing care delivery set up. With engineering advancements, healthcare technology is really moving the patient care needle towards a patient-centric approach. Here is how the healthcare is changing: • IoT is empowering advanced telemedicine solutions through which patients can get prescription and drug from vending devices, no matter how remote their location is • Parents can now monitor their child’s health from anywhere, while at work or traveling • Remote connectivity is bringing doctors and hospitals to patient’s home • Care delivery specialists are reaching remote locations and using real-time decision support systems to make critical decisions for sustaining life • Portability through mobility solutions enables doctors to be available anytime, anywhere • Advanced Imaging solutions like real-time eye tracking can now be accessed through mobile applications • Large devices such as arthroscopy and endoscopy units are getting smaller and portable, delivering HD diagnostic imaging • Battery-operated wearable Insulin Pumps can be carried for continuous sugar measurement and insulin administration • Auto-injectors can check drug compatibility and activate procedures based on voice commands • Advanced chemistry analyzers are delivering test results in just 15 minutes eInfochips connects today’s healthcare to a better tomorrow with its expertise in end-to-end healthcare engineering and advanced engineering solutions for health monitoring, diagnostics & imaging, wearable health, and telemedicine.

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