Do You Know You Are Eligible For Free Health Checkups

Do You Know You Are Eligible For Free Health Checkups
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Well, most might not be aware, many health insurance policies have the built-in feature of free health checkup. This is one of the key attractions of such policies. It is always advised to get regular health checkups as it helps in early detection of ailments. A free health checkup with insurance policies helps a lot, especially in a country where people don’t go for regular checkups on their own. According to the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), health insurance penetration in India currently stands at 3.49 per cent, and according to industry data, less than 10 per cent of policyholders avail the free health check-up benefit from their insurers. Experts suggest, with the rising healthcare costs and the increased occurrence of lifestyle-based ailments, it is advisable to undergo a health check-up at least once every year. Due to the growing age, the health needs of a body also change. Such regular checkups make you more aware of your health situation and allow you to make necessary changes to your existing health insurance policy at the right time, such as an increase in your sum assured with age. The free health checkup features vary from company to company and the type of policy you hold. Most companies offer this feature with a waiting period. Such as HDFC Ergo General Insurance provides it after a waiting period of four years, whereas Religare Health Insurance offers it from day one. Policyholders should follow up with their insurance companies once a year or during renewal and avail of this benefit. All policies do not offer this feature annually. Some offer it only once every two years. For instance, Apollo Munich provides free checkup once after every two continuous years worth one per cent of the sum insured, up to Rs 5,000 per insured person.

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