Elon Musk Accelerating Development Of The Super Heavy Starship

Elon Musk Accelerating Development Of The Super Heavy Starship
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SpaceX is filing for a license to test the Super Heavy Spaceship (aka BFR). The tests themselves are divided into low‐altitude and higher‐altitude tests. The low‐altitude tests stay below 500 meters in altitude and last approximately 100 seconds. These tests will be run approximately three times per week during the initial portion of the program. The higher‐altitude tests can go as high as 5 km and will occur approximately once per week. These tests last approximately 6 minutes. Please note that SpaceX is also applying for an experimental permit from the FAA in order to gain permission to run these VTVL tests. The idea of creating mini-BFRs for the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy is no longer on the table. SpaceX will accelerate the Super Heavy Starship (aka BFR).

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26 Nov, 2018
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