First Lamborghini Urus SUV Arrives In India

First Lamborghini Urus SUV Arrives In India
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Launched in India in January this year with a price tag of Rs 3 crore, 25 units of Lamborghini Urus SUV have finally arrived in the country. As reported by News18, the units allotted by Lamborghini come with a 'Style' package that gives the SUV a chrome finish on the exhausts along with red brake callipers. A glossy black element on the exterior of the car gives it an aggressive look. These features along with other extra options have resulted in the price jump of the car from Rs 3.8 crore (ex-showroom) to the on-road price now crossing the Rs 4 crore mark. With a top speed of 305 km/hr, the Urus SUV is said to travel a distance from 0-100km/hr in just around 3.6 seconds. It is also claimed that the SUV can brake from 100 km/hr to 0 in 33.7 meters and have a sprint of 0-200 km/hr in around 12.8 seconds. The Lamborghini SUV is said to have a 4.0 litre Twin Turbo V8 engine. This engine is said to churn out around 641 brake horsepower (bhp) with a torque of 850Nm that is paired with an 8-speed transmission. All of these features make the Lamborghini Urus SUV the fastest in the world. All 25 units of the SUV that were allotted to India have been sold out and new units would be allotted in 2019.

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12 Sep, 2018

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