OralB New AI Powered Toothbrush Spots

OralB New AI Powered Toothbrush Spots
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While CES is well known for showcasing the latest developments in audiovisual and computing tech, there’s always plenty of gear outside these areas on display – and even something like a toothbrush can create buzz at the annual Las Vegas trade show. This year, Oral-B is using CES to introduce its latest ‘smart’ electric toothbrush, the iO, which is a bit different from its previous offerings. The oral hygiene brand claims the iO is the culmination of six years of product research and development, with input from 1,800 consumers and over 250 patents from around the world. Aside from the redesigned brush head, which we’ll get to below, the iO’s headline feature is an accompanying app that uses AI to provide users with real-time “tracking and coaching” – complete with a 3D guide informed by thousands of recorded brushing sessions. If using a smartphone app in the bathroom is too fraught with danger for you (or just too much effort), the iO has its own integrated smart display that lets you switch between seven brushing modes, and, according to Oral-B, “greets users, while also providing coaching and motivation”.

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06 Jan, 2020

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