Some Precautions You Should Take While Flying With Your Baby

Some Precautions You Should Take While Flying With Your Baby
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In a tragic incident, a 11-month old baby boy died while travelling on a flight coming from Doha, Qatar, on September 26. Earlier in July, a four-month-old boy developed breathing problem on board a Patna-bound flight and died at the Hyderabad airport. If you frequently fly with your baby here are some precautions you should take: You should keep a close watch on the sudden changes in your child condition on-board and be extra cautious while feeding you baby. If you encounter sudden changes after feeding, your child may be suffering from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is caused by sudden feed or acute temperature and usually there is no evidence of struggle and no noise produced You should take extra care while feeding your child. Timing of feeding is very important. Never feed your babies while landing, take-off or during sudden change of altitude. During the time of take-off, landing or sudden change of altitude, there are chances that some undigested milk may flow back in the food pipe or lungs, which may lead to choking and death. Wait till the plane to reach a steady height. Besides being made of plastic, bottles are carcinogenic as well. Babies swallow more from the bottle in comparison to mother feed, which causes air pockets and sudden gush of milk in babies stomach and food pipe. Small amount of this milk may also flow into air pipe that may lead to irritation and even death. Hold baby baby for a while after feeding and make sure your baby burps. Place your baby to sleep on his or her back, rather than on the stomach or side. Lying on the tummy creates more pressure on the heart and lungs. It compresses the abdomen against the lungs and may create breathing problems. The continuous breathing problem may result in a cardio-respiratory arrest.


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