The Future Of Robotic Surgery Is Here

The Future Of Robotic Surgery Is Here
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20 Jun, 2018 Uploaded by: Mick Presentation
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The human body is a rather untidy place where your organs, bones, flesh, muscles, arteries and connective tissue all compete for space. Up until a few years back, if a surgeon needed to operate on a patient, he had to make large incisions and sift through all this to be able to reach the organ. This usually resulted in unsightly scars that took long to heal. Suffice to say that conventional surgery was and is not entirely without complications. Laparoscopic surgery, the very first minimally-invasive surgical method for minor abdominal surgery which emerged in the 1970’s, changed the entire surgical arena for ever. By the 1990’s, laparoscopic techniques had advanced exponentially and what was then considered distant future for laparoscopic applications has now arrived. And it’s as mind blowing as it is terrifying.

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