Five Key Factors For Maruti To Consider Before Replacing Gypsy With Jimny

Five Key Factors For Maruti To Consider Before Replacing Gypsy With Jimny
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The word was doing rounds months before the Auto Expo 2020 began: Will Maruti Suzuki India give in to the demands to introduce the Jimny to the Indian audience? Maruti heard, and eventually decided to showcase the mini off-roader which is quite popular in markets abroad. But the company is sceptical whether the car in its current form will work in India. The rough-looking Jimny will undoubtedly remind of Maruti’s only other capable off-roader - the Gypsy. Long pulled out of the passenger vehicles list, the Gypsy is now mostly seen as part of the armed forces, mastering some of the rugged terrains India has to offer. Launched in 1985, the Gypsy has been one of the most iconic offerings from the Maruti stable, but has been discontinued because it was not matching the BS 6 norms. So, Maruti decided to take a chance, and gauge interest among the people visiting its pavilion at the Auto Expo. Swarming lines leading up to the section where the Jimny is displayed only shows Maruti was probably right in bringing it here. One would probably love to have such a compact capable car for the love of it or to just show off one’s collection. But the question is, whether the Jimny showcased at the Auto Expo is suited best for the Indian consumers at all. The company says it will gauge people’s reaction and interests to determine whether or not to bring the Jimny to India or not. Besides the reactions, here are the five factors that Maruti is likely to consider before making the decision:

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