Elon Musk When He Proved EveryOne Wrong

Elon Musk When He Proved EveryOne Wrong
04 Sep, 2018 Uploaded by: STC TV
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Elon Musk cries and becomes emotional during interviews when asked if the people he looked upto are out there to destroy you. It takes a lot of hardwork and effort to build a single company, It takes immense pain to make it successful. Elon Musk made Zip2,Paypal,X.com,SpaceX,Tesla, Solarcity and took them to great heights. But along the way , there were numerous set backs , some are foreseen and others not. When your role models turn out to be against humanity , you do feel immense pain. But We move on and continue to do our work.. Thats the greatest advice Elon Musk has given to anyone. "All the external factors whether some one likes you or not , it is beyond your control, but what is within your control is how each and every second you spend in your life.

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04 Sep, 2018
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04 Sep, 2018

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