Warren Buffett Started Investing When He Was 11

Warren Buffett Started Investing When He Was 11
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Warren Buffett started investing when he was 11: Here's a look at the billionaire investor's fortune. Warren Buffett's precocious business acumen was on evidence since early childhood. Here's how the world's third richest man managed to gradually amass a fortune over the years. Renowned investor Warren Buffett dubbed the 'Oracle of Omaha', was born in 1930. The 88-year-old Berkshire Hathaway CEO has had a good mind for business and investment since he was a child. Buffett bought his first stock in 1941 at the age of 11, buying six shares of Cities Service, an oil service company, at $38 per share. The world's third richest man filed his first tax return aged 14, after making $500 by delivering newspapers. By the time he finished high school, Buffett had bought a stake in a 40-acre farm in Omaha, Nebraska. In December of 1962, Warren Buffett (then 32), was gaining notoriety as an investor in Omaha, this was also when he first began buying stock in Berkshire Hathaway. By mid-1965, he had bought enough shares to take control of the company. (Pictured here are caricatures of Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway Vice-Chairman Charlie Munger on Heinz bottles. Kraft Heinz is backed by Berkshire Hathaway and 3G Capital) Buffett purchased See's Candies, an American manufacturer and distributor of candy, for $25 million in 1972. By the time he was 43, his net worth hit the $100 million mark. Buffett was 52 when he first made it to the Forbes list of richest Americans. His net worth at that time was $250 million. Three years later, his net worth quadrupled and he became a billionaire. From 1989 to 1999, Buffett's net worth grew ten times. By the age of 69, his net worth was $36 billion. (Pictured here with his wife and daughter in 1997. Warren Buffett annually draws $100,000 (his salary for decades) from Berkshire Hathaway and receives no bonus or other compensation. This is less than twice the company's typical employee.


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