Sabesp Corporate Presentation

Sabesp Corporate Presentation
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In 1973, with the implementation of the National Sanitation Plan, the state sanitation companies were created. In the State of São Paulo, as a result of the fusion of the companies and the autarchies that until then managed the water services and the sewage collection services in the cities, Sabesp was created. A company characterized by mixed economy and open capital, Sabesp finds in the Government of the State its main shareholder and has its shares traded in the New York and São Paulo Stock Exchanges. Today, Sabesp supplies 60% of the State's population, providing services to 366 out of the 645 cities and supplies treated water to 7 others that take care of their own distribution. Sabesp plans, executes and operates water, sewage and industrial wastewater systems, preserving the environment and improving the life conditions of a population that is twice as large as the population of Belgium. Since 2007 Sabesp is allowed to geographically expand the scope of its business and to add new types of services related to environmental sanitation and energy. To provide quality services, it has a gigantic structure and in the last 5 years it has invested approximately R$ 5 billion. Expansion and investments of about R$ 8.6 billion for 2009 to 2013 To maintain the indexes acquired until now, it is necessary to accompany the growth pace of the municipalities. But, for Sabesp, that is not enough. From 2009 to 2013 it will invest R$ 8.6 billion to continue providing water to the entire population of the cities that Sabesp supplies, as well as widening the sewage collection and treatment rates. Thus, its goals for 2013 are to provide: . 100% of treated water . 90% of collected sewage . 88% of treated sewage

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